PORTLAND -- A man sneaked into a break room of Dosha salon spa in Southeast Portland Monday afternoon and stole an employee s purse.

The man, wearing a bike helmet, shorts and a yellow shirt, allegedly walked through the propped-open back door of the salon on Southeast Hawthorne Avenue while the business was open. He filled a water bottle in the break room and then took the woman s purse.

A surveillance camera caught the man stealing the purse, which had the woman's car keys, credit cards and license.

The back door was propped open so employees could carry laundry from the salon to a laundry truck parked outside. The manager, Alma Perez, said the back door will be closed from now on.

We don t want anyone on our team to have their things stolen or have their trust violated like that, Perez said.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Portland police.

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