If you travel to Mt. Hood in the coming days, it's what you won't see that is surprising. The snow at pass level is gone!

Hans Wipper at Mt. Hood Skibowl says this is the earliest snow exit on the mountain since 2005. Skibowl resort is all set to open Mt. Hood Adventure Park this Saturday. The park opening will depend on a lack of heavy rain.

Many Cascade campgrounds will be open this Memorial Day weekend for the first time in years. Trillium Lake had a good two feet of snow on the ground one year ago, but it is snow free today and the campground is booked solid this coming weekend. Other high elevation sites such as Frog Lake remain closed.

A threat of wintry weather in the coming days has O.D.O.T. ready to go as soon as Wednesday morning. Snow levels may lower to near 3,000 feet, bringing icy roadways as the holiday weekend approaches. This time of the year Highway 26 would likely be wet during the day, but it could freeze over in the early morning, evening and at night.

If you want to secure a campsite this weekend, you better hurry. Reserved spaces are mostly sold out. The largest number of available sites can be found at low elevation Cascade campgrounds. Campsites I checked near the coast are booked solid.

Rod Hill

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