PORTLAND - A consumer alert was issued to travelers as the school-year winds down.

The Oregon Attorney General's Office said in all the excitement of making travel plans, it's easy to miss the fine print and travel scammers are counting on that.

I saw this $99 round-trip airfare including a two-night hotel stay for two people. How could I pass that up?! It was to either Las Vegas or Orlando, Florida, Jesse Shriber said.

He said when he saw that deal, he bought it right away.

But then, I emailed them for the itinerary and at that point is when I received an email back that said it would cost me an additional $948 or whatever. I was like, 'no thank you' and I contacted the Attorney General's Office, said Shriber.

The Oregon Attorney General's Office looked into who advertised the deal. After two months, Shriber got his money back.

Our superb investigators followed up and the company said, 'alright, you've got us, we'll refund the money,' said Ellen Klem, Director of Consumer Outreach and Education with the office of the Oregon Attorney General.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, she added.

Klem said the so-called travel deals always pop up at this time of year, every year.

People across the state are starting to make their plans for the summer. So are the scammers. They're out there trying to capitalize on the fact that the weather's getting warmer, people have some extra cash in their pockets and want to get away, said Klem.

She said it's not just scams for airfare and hotels, either.

Rental cars, buses, a lot of vacation clubs. We've also received a lot of complaints about time shares, she added.

A lot of these never come to our attention, a lot of people never complain. Maybe the amount isn't significant for them, so they just eat the cost, said Klem.

KGW found the offer is still posted online, but it reads expired.

When KGW called the company and left a message, no one called us back.

Next time, Shriber said he's going to go with his gut.

I started to get a little red flag as I was signing up for it. I said, 'hmm, I don't know about this,' and now I would say trust your gut.

Click here to file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General

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