Portland -- A BMW owned by Julie Martin and her husband was stolen from outside of Hal Jones Automotive on Northeast Fremont Street earlier this month.

According to the owner of the shop, Ron Joy, a young man walked into the auto repair shop and said he was there to pick up the Martins' car. Assuming the young man was the Martins' son, Joy handed him the keys.

Martin said her husband even saw the thief inside the car when he arrived at the shop to pick up the car, but assumed the crook worked for Hal Jones Automotive.

The young man motioned to the right like he was going into the garage or something, so my husband assumed he was an employee and proceeded to the office to pay the bill, said Martin.

Police recovered the BMW later that night. No damage to the vehicle was reported.

According to Martin, the crook left behind a can of Sparks malt liquor and a pair of gloves. Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact the police.

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