WOODLAND,Wash. -- On a gorgeous evening in Woodland, Henry White wished he was outside just to enjoy the weather. Sadly, he was not.

Icame out here and started watching, keeping my eye on the kids, said White. They're out here playing all the time.

Investigators said between 7 and 8 a.m. Wednesday at least one child was near the Assembly of God Church on Gun Club Road when a dark SUVpulled up. Two men were inside. They offered the kid a ride to school. Detectives said one of the men even tried to grab the kid, but the kid got away.

It's concerning no matter where you're at, said Chief Rob Stephenson of the WoodlandPolice Department.

Stephenson said the Wednesday scare wasn't the first. He said several other kids reported similar incidents over the previous few days.

The principal of nearby Woodland Intermediate School sent out an alert to parents, asking them to be vigilant.

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It's something everyone should be aware of, and keep your eyes open, said Stephenson.

Parents like Henry White are heeding the advice.

When I got home from work Isaw a black Suburban drive around five times so I got out and followed them and called 911, said White.

It turned out to be nothing, but White said you can never be too careful.

This really scares me, he said.

Authorities were looking for a black or dark-colored SUV. It may have dark wheels and windows and a white sticker on the rear. You are urged to call police if you have any information about the vehicle or the suspects. If you see the vehicle, call Woodland police at (360) 225-6965.

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