PORTLAND - It s one of the more unusual bills taken on by state lawmakers and it won unanimous approval.

House Bill 2612 allows a mom to take home her placenta from the hospital along with the new baby.

It s been a bit unclear. Is it okay or is it strictly bio hazard? said Raeben Nolan who has a business turning placentas into powder which she puts in capsules.

One capsule three times a day for two weeks, remembered Beth Plymale the mother of an eight-week-old son.

She says she took the capsules hoping to restore the hormones and nutrients lost during the delivery.

I didn t want to get post partum depression and the healthier your diet during pregnancy, the healthier your placenta.

Right now in Oregon hospitals moms can take their placentas if they sign paper work citing religious or cultural reasons.

I m hoping approval of the bill will make the whole process easier for moms, remarked Nolan.

Her business Tree of Life makes the placenta capsules for moms in their own kitchens for $200.

There is no significant medical research identifying the benefit to moms, but Nolan says she knows it firsthand.

She had post-partum depression with her first child, but not her second. With the second she took placenta capsules.


I think more people are actually realizing it can be incredibly healthy and that we shouldn t waste this incredible resource, concluded Nolan.

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