PORTLAND The Clackamas County Sheriff s Office released more than 900 pages of documents giving an in-depth account of what happened inside the Clackamas Town Center during the shooting last December.

No report, however, can account for the terror those who first called 9-1-1 felt.

For the first time, the public was granted access to the calls during the terrifying moments after gunfire erupted.

Some of the terrifying calls that came in on that horrific night:

911- what s the location of your emergency?

Yes, were at Macy's at Clackamas Town Center. I think we have a shooter in the store.

All we hear is shots and people are screaming and running.

Its just like a horrid, horrid, like 15-20 gunshots.

He's heading into Macy's home store. He s got a white face mask on, and black on black.

Store receipts show Roberts purchased six boxes of ammo and four 30-round magazines just two days before the December shooting.

He wore a hockey mask and carried an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle when he opened fire

I could hear instantly people screaming...It was such an ear-piercing shattering sound, said Lynne Peterson who was in the mall during the shooting.

She had just passed the food court when the first shots rang out.

He was like holding his gun up to get an angle, she said. I just turned and right then all this glass pelted me and I thought they were bullet fragments. We were so worried that was it.

Peterson thought she might only have seconds left to live so she called her daughter.

My mom was hit in the leg, Peterson s daughter is heard telling a 911 operator.

Cindy Yuille was the first of two innocent shoppers to die that day. The other was husband and father Steven Forsyth. Kristina Shevchenko, 15, was also wounded.

Peterson had just passed Yuille and gave a smile when everything changed. The image haunts her every day

I could see Cindy and she just went down. She was the only one on the ground right there, Peterson said. I think people would have helped her but it was obvious she had been hit too severely. We were all just trying to figure out which direction to run.

The madness ended when Roberts turned the gun on himself, but the ripple of pain has yet to heal.

The report also says Roberts had no diagnosed mental illness, no history of violence, no criminal record.

KGW reporter Abbey Gibb contributed to this report.

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