PORTLAND -- Marchers gathered Wednesday in downtown Portland, mirroring others worldwide as part of May Day gatherings.

An unpermitted march started at Terry Schrunk Plaza around 11 a.m. A permitted rally starts at 3 p.m. at O'Bryant Square.

In Salem, a march took place at the State Capitol.

The group We Are Oregon built a cardboard home Tuesday night to use as a float in Wednesday's permitted Portland protest. It's their way of showing support for those who are in danger of losing, or have already lost, their homes.

Itztli Nexcoyotl started volunteering for the cause when it hit close to home.

My family was evicted from our home. We've been through foreclosure and as somebody who can identify with that struggle, I want to support other people who are going through that, said Nexcoyotl.

Nexcoyotl was among the hundreds of protesters last May Day who took over a bank-owned home in Northeast Portland. They broke a lock box on a side door, removed the key and allowed the previous owner, Alicia Jackson, back inside.

They said they have no plans to do the same this year.

Portland Police said they're aware of the unpermitted protest, but so far are not too concerned about the event from a security standpoint. They said they expect most of the anarchists to protest in Seattle.

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