VANCOUVER A teacher performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved a kindergartner who was choking on a fruit snack at Captain Strong Primary School in Battle Ground, Wash. Tuesday.

Hunter Schofield approached his teacher, Toni Brammer, during a math lesson. His face was red and he was trying, without success, to talk, said Gregg Herrington with the Battle Ground School District.

He was holding his neck and trying to say something, Brammer said. But he couldn t say anything. It was very scary. Instinct kicked in, I guess. I spun him around and did the Heimlich maneuver. On the first thrust, something popped out of his mouth. It all happened very fast.

Teachers then took Schofield to the nurse s office where he was looked at and cleared to go back to class. His mother was called and told about the scare.

Brammer said she had never done the Heimlich maneuver before but learned how in a CPR class.

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