PORTLAND -- The debate on whether to fluoridate Portland s water is heating up as two groups present completely different information to the public on fluoridation.

Fluoridation supporters at a rally in North Portland Tuesday said they were disputing some information being put out by a group called Clean Water Portland.

Supporters, including the group Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland, said there are no scientific studies that prove water fluoridation is unsafe or unhealthy. They feel the state is in a dental crisis and water fluoridation is the only solution for low-income families.

Clean Water Portland released a statement Tuesday, saying:

New data released by the Oregon Health Authority show that Oregon has experienced a 20 percent decline in cavity rates, and Portland has experienced nearly a 10 percent decrease. It also shows we have one of the lowest cavity rates in the country - without fluoridation.

Portlanders will vote on water fluoridation soon. Ballots will be mailed in just a few weeks and are due by May 21.


KGW Reporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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