BOSTON SWAT teams, sharp shooters, and FBI agents rumble through the streets of Boston and the city hunkers down and waits for the massive manhunt to end.

Agents searching for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,19, suspended all mass transit and warned close to 1 million people to stay indoors Friday. Among those in the midst of the chaos are several Oregonians.

KGW spoke with a Portland man Friday morning who asked to not have his name used. He was with a friend on vacation in Boston when the city went into lockdown.

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It was crazy this morning, a lot of police activity, a lot of roadblocks, sub stations completely closed, people trying to get to the airport had no means. Never seen this much police activity in my years coming in and out of Boston, He said. We were evacuated from Kenmore Square Station and basically ran to the Charles River and had to walk about four miles up to Lechmere (Square Station). We didn t know what was going on. We heard there were explosions, didn t know what lines were closed down. It was pandemonium, people crying, trying to get to their loved ones, not knowing the extent of what was going on.

Elisa Klein was in Boston with her daughter who goes to Jesuit High School. Her daughter was recently admitted to Harvard and the two were planning a weekend tour of the campus.

The program at Harvard that my daughter was to attend today was canceled because they have shut down that campus and every other campus in the Boston area, Klein said. I think the general sense of the community is a little bit of sadness but certainly a lot of anger. They have a lot of messages that are taped to the area where the original bombing took of the slogans they have is Boston s strong .

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