PORTLAND -- As opinions and laws about marijuana change, an unanticipated side effect is popping up: Dogs are getting sick from eating it.

The percentage of pet toxicity cases involving marijuana has been increasing in recent years, according to DoveLewis Animal Hospital. In 2011, less than 12 percent of toxicity cases were the result of dogs eating pot; by the end of last year that number jumped to 20 percent.

Vets said pet owners should know the symptoms, because even without marijuana in the home, dogs could pick it up at the dog park or on a walk.

Signs of marijuana toxicity include staggering, falling over, drooling excessively, acting depressed, and incontinence.

We don't want to get anyone in trouble. We just want to know if it s a possibility, because that is a treatable problem, said Dr. Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh. If they were exhibiting those signs and it wasn't marijuana, it could be something much more serious.

Because marijuana legalization is so new, veterinarians said they don't think they've yet seen the full impact of the legislation on pets.

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