PORTLAND -- March Madness begins Tuesday which usually means many office computers will be trying to handle the extra workload of the job at hand while also streaming the games online.

A new survey suggests that the tournament, which lasts nearly a month, will cost companies $134 million in lost wages. It reports some 3 million workers spend between one to three hours watching the hoop action at work.

Work is obviously the first priority, but kind of having some fun in the background is really nice, said March Madness fan Emily Kistler.

Boly-Welch is a place that's all about work. Their staff helps companies find the right candidate for the job. But when it comes to March Madness, a little multi-tasking for creating brackets and watching the competition is considered fair game.

I feel, if you give people a little bit of room to enjoy things that are pleasurable to them, they will enjoy their work more, said Pat Welch, a partner at Boly-Welch. I've not found it to be a negative in the workplace. I think it's a positive.

Managers of sports bars certainly agree, too. Some told KGW they even add staff for March Madness, along with food and of course, beer for the fans.

The recent study also found that seven percent of the people polled actually use vacation time so they can watch the games without job-related interruptions.

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