VANCOUVER Students and staff at Vancouver s Skyview High School cut the ribbon Monday on a special project aimed at helping those in need.

Nearly a third of the students at Skyview live in poverty, so the school came up with a way to help them. The project, aptly named The Skyview Care Closet, was designed as an anonymous way for students to get free food, toiletries, school supplies and clothing.

Anyone who needs something can fill out an order form and they will get it, no questions asked. All the supplies will be donated from other students.

Some students said the project has taught them a lot about poverty, because they had no idea so many of their classmates were in need of everyday items like food and clothing.

This is incredible what we are doing. It can help so many people and it s just a great organization that I hope sticks around for a long time, said 11th grader Rabeka Ali.

I also am one of the low-income kids, but I don t really care about it, I still get food, said 11th grader Jayden MacDonald. Just knowing this is here makes me feel very happy and I know that we have come far.

The students plan to keep the care closet open as long as donations keep coming in. The community has been invited to help out, too. Anyone who wants to donate food, clothing or toiletries can drop them off at Skyview High School.

(KGWreporter Ashley Korslien also contributed to this report.)

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