PORTLAND - Portland area neighbors are using social media to prepare for the Big One.

For years now, scientists have said the Pacific Northwest is due for a major magnitude 9 earthquake. If that were to happen, emergency services could get overwhelmed.

So some neighborhoods are making sure they can be self-sustaining in the event of a disaster.

It s really going to be up to us, said Southwest Portland resident Betsy Shand. We re the ones who are going to put our neighborhood back together again.

Shand is president of the South Burlingame Neighborhood Association. She has prepared herself for an earthquake by stocking bins full of emergency supplies in her garage. But now she is on a mission to prepare all her neighbors as well.

A recent study revealed a major earthquake would shut off electricity in Portland for months and wipe out the drinking water supply and highways for up to a year.

Knowing they may be on their own, Shand has connected with her neighbors using the two programs and Map Your Neighborhood to find out who has which emergency supplies.

Have a list of who can do what in your neighborhood, who's a doctor, who's a plumber, who's an electrician, who's got tools such as chainsaws, generators, fire extinguishers that can be used in the event of disaster, said Shand.

Shand said so far more than 300 of her neighbors are taking part.

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