PORTLAND -- The City of Portland has sent tens of thousands of fliers to residents letting them know it s time to pay for the art tax they approved last November.

The mailer left some confused.

"I think I'd want to know more about it. I like art but I'd like to know more about it," said Christan Bond, looking at the flier. She doesn't think she even received one in the mail.

The mailing is unusual because most taxes approved by voters are added to property tax bills. There is no extra mailing.

Several people thought the city flier was junk mail.

As a professional musician, Brandon Summers values the arts and voted for the tax.

"It seems the way they're letting people know about it might be unintuitive -- by sending out a separate form that may look like junk mail, it might actually be better if it was incorporated into the regular tax form that we're given each year," said Summers.

The Art Tax will affect roughly 350,000 people 18 years and older. It s expected to raise $12 million a year, with half focused on hiring art and music teachers for K-5 classrooms, and the other half going to art-related groups and projects.

Portland's revenue director said he's had no one call the flier junk mail.

"No, it's not junk mail. We want to make sure everybody knows there s a tax that was voted for by Portland voters on November 6 of last year," said Thomas Lannom. "And the idea of the mailer is to get people to go online and make their payment."

He said that will lower overhead and leave more money for the arts.

Not everyone is confused by the flier. Casey Tonsfeldt knew exactly what it was when it arrived at her home.

"I was very excited that it passed because I voted for it," she said.

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