YACHATS, Ore. -- A woman suffered serious injuries after driving full-speed off a cliff and into the surf below in Yachats Saturday afternoon, police said.

Police were called just after 4 p.m. to a disturbance inside a pub in the 100 block of Ocean View Drive, said Deputy Jeremy Gautney of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. Emergency responders then learned that a car had gone off a cliff at Yachats State Park.

The investigation revealed that 41-year-old Maya Thomas, of Eugene, assaulted her boyfriend and another female at the Underground Pub, causing minor injury to both, Gautney explained. After the assault Maya got in her vehicle and proceeded to drive in a reckless manner near the Yachats Post Office, nearly striking several bystanders including two Yachats Fire responders responding to help.

Thomas then drove across the lawn at the state park, nearly struck a family of four, and drove off the cliff, he said. She was removed from the vehicle and taken to a Corvallis hospital with serious injuries.

The vehicle was pulled from the rocks and towed away. Thomas was cited for DUII and several other criminal charges.

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