BEAVERTON, Ore. -- First Lady Michelle Obama's latest efforts will have you thinking about how much your kids move every day, and how much of that activity they re getting at school.

Thursday she launched the new website An event in Chicago marked the 4th anniversary of her fight against childhood obesity.

Whether you sit around playing video games or get up and move, that s a choice that will determine who you become, the First Lady told a crowd in her hometown.

Nike pledged $50 million to the campaign, aimed at broadening the activity available at schools and in communities across the country.

Thumbs up to the First Lady s plan to get schools moving, said physical education teacher Cheryl Wardell, at Beaverton s Bonny Slope.

She said her students only get PE class every fourth day of school and should be moving at least 60 minutes a day.

The First Lady wants schools to go beyond the traditional PE class and bring movement to math and reading classes.

At Bonny Slope, we build in 'brain breaks' in class and sometimes students will get up and dance, said Wardell.

The website also includes ideas to gets kids moving before and after school.

We have a running club here twice a week, Wardell said. One day they run before school for 25 minutes; the other day they run during recess.

Research cited on the website shows students behave better, score better on tests and miss fewer days if they re active, and only one in three are getting the recommended 60 minutes a day.

They need to move to calm down and also to help the brain, concluded Wardell.

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