GRESHAM - A Portland woman is claiming she was assaulted after a Gresham police officer demanded her phone while she was recording video of an arrest.

Police say the officer was just doing his job.

Carrie Medina calls herself a citizen journalist, who tries to hold police accountable. On Tuesday in downtown Portland, she was shooting this video of an arrest.

A Gresham officer assigned to the transit division asked Medina to hand over the cell phone video as potential evidence while she was still shooting it.

Medina said no.

I refused again and he just reached my phone and just grabbed it, and at the same time as I'm reaching for it, he grabs my hand he twists it under and holds it there with his nails digging into me, she said.

He wasn't doing something illegal, Gresham police spokesman Claudio Grandjean said. Was he inappropriate, or a little rough?We can look at that, but that's not nearly as important as was he doing something illegal.

After looking at the video, the officer returned Medina's phone. But she says the officer had already violated two of her constitutional rights.

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