PORTLAND -- The Oregon Humane Society put up 70 rescued dogs for adoption Wednesday, after what several staffers agreed had been the worst case of animal neglect they had ever seen.

The dogs were part of a group of more than 150 abused and malnourished animals seized from a Marion County rescue shelter in January.

Photos: OHSdogs up for adoption Wednesday

Background: Animal shelter accused of neglecting 150 pets

OHS was caring for about 120 of the dogs and spokesman David Lytle said all of them should eventually be put up for adoption.

Because of limited space, only about 40 of the 70 dogs will be available for viewing at any one time, Lytle said. As dogs go home, additional rescued dogs will be brought in to be viewed by the public.

The man who adopted Dizzy (pictured, left) Wednesday said he had just adopted an OHSdog in December, but when he heard about the Marion County cases he wanted to adopt another one.

It s really sad, too bad there are so many unwanted animals out there, said Robert Murakami. So when I come through here and I am looking at all the dogs, I'm like, 'This one would be good, this one would be good,' but you've got to have some control.

The shelter is located at 1067 NE Columbia Boulevard, in Portland, and will be open until 7 p.m. Wednesday.

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