HILLSBORO - A Hillsboro police officer's wife said he pinned her to the ground in a domestic violence case that escalated into a violent standoff earlier this month, leaving two officers hurt.

Timothy Cannon was charged with attempted murder for the Jan. 20 incident. He exchanged gunfire with 10 officers and threatened his wife, investigators said.

The probable cause statement prepared by officer Michael Purdy of the Beaverton Police Department said Cannon's wife Lisa called 9-1-1 around 8:30 p.m. and said she had barricaded herself in an upstairs bathroom after her husband had threatened to harm her.

The search warrant unsealed this week said Timothy at one point followed Lisa upstairs, pulled her out of their daughter's bedroom and pinned her to the floor face down. Then, the two got up and went into the master bedroom where Timothy pinned her to the bed, according to the warrant.

Lisa was able at some point to get up and away, where she locked herself inside the master bathroom, armed with a handgun.

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Officers arrived and eventually entered the home, where they tried to get Timothy to surrender. He said You guys are going to have to come up here and kill me, Purdy wrote. Timothy then said I am going to have to come down there and kill you.

Washington County sheriff's deputy Robert Richards told Purdy he saw bullets go through sheetrock, through a door and into the floor about a yard in front of officers.

Lisa said she heard three volleys of several rounds before Timothy came into the bathroom where she was barricaded.

He said No harm to you and put down an AR-15 rifle he had been holding, muzzle down, the documents showed.

Lisa, who works in law enforcement, said she patted her husband down to find no weapons and the couple, along with their 6-year-old daughter, walked to waiting officers.

The search warrant said Lisa yelled that no one was armed and not to shoot. Timothy was arrested moments later.

Two officers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after the standoff.

Timothy remains in the Washington County jail. He has resigned from the Hillsboro police force.

The ten officers who were placed on administrative leave after the shooting will be brought back to full duty this week, authorities said.

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