HILLSBORO - A Hillsboro family has been reunited with a beloved pet they lost a decade ago.

The dog Jordan went by the name Buddy ten years ago when he was Shelly Gonzalez' pet.

He vanished the day Shelly went into labor. They asked a friend to watch Buddy when they went to the hospital but he got loose and ran away.

Animal control crews found Buddy, but the family couldn't pay to get him out of the shelter.

He's changed hands over the years, but his newest owners couldn't keep him anymore, so now Buddy is back with the family. Wednesday night was his first night back with the Gonzalez family.

We thought he was going to be a good family dog ... and I'm sure he will be, Chuck Gonzalez said.

The people that gave the dog away onWednesday said they were happy they got to return him to a good home.

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