CAMAS, Wash. -- A controversial Facebook post has parents and student at Camas High School on edge but police said the person behind it will not be charged.

A person described as a parent from a rival school wrote: Camas fans!!!!! Worst in the league!!!! I hope someone shoots up their school really soon!!!!!!!!!!

The message was reportedly posted while the man attended the Camas boys basketball game against Skyview on Tuesday night. After it was discovered, the man in question was banned from all Camas School District properties.

On Thursday, police said they had investigated the case and the 39-year-old man would not be charged because while his actions were alarming, they did not reach the level of criminal action, according to Sgt. Scott Boyles with the Camas Police Department.

Boyles said when investigators spoke with the man, he apologized and described his actions as stupid.

School officials also sent a letter home to parents Wednesday, explaining the situation. The letter said, in part: Officers view this as a non-specific threat that does not pose a credible danger to our students. However, an investigation is ongoing.

Many students and parents said they were still very upset, even if the Facebook post may have been written as a joke.

Camas High athletic director Josh Gibson said the man also got into a verbal confrontation with Camas students during the game.

He said some verbal things and hand gestures and walked out of the gym, Gibson said.

KGW has not been able to reach the man who posted the comment for his response, but a friend said that he is not only a parent, but also a youth sports coach.

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