SALEM -- Three people reported missing after a day trip to play in the snow near Silver Falls were found safe Wednesday, said Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman Don Thomson.

Dan Yoder, 19, of Salem drove to Silverton to pick up friends Tyler Cain, 21, and Faith Moen, 19, Thomson said. They told friends they were off on a snow trip Tuesday, but provided no details of a location. When they failed to return, their parents called police.

Photos: Rescue scene

The three friends told KGW their car got stuck in snow so they started digging. But they couldn't get the car out, and they could not get cell service, either. So they shared a sandwich, turned on the heat and slept through the night inside the car.

Their families called 911 after they failed to return home that night.

Iwas so worried, Moen said. I was like, 'my mama is going to be freaking out right now.'

Wednesday morning deputies began searching the foothills of the Cascades and areas between Silver Falls Park and Crooked Finger Road, Thomson said. The three were eventually found after searchers were able to pick up a cell phone signal and track it to an area near Crooked Finger Road.

Family members hugged the trio when they made it to the searchers' base camp. It was an emotional and tearful reunion.

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