PORTLAND-- Residents in Southeast Portland said a coyote is preying on their pets.

The neighborhood near Southeast Luther Road near Johnson Creek has been witnessing attacks all week.

I saw a coyote coming around the truck, and jaws literally coming down and getting the back of this little cat, said Markis Schettig who watched a coyote attack a cat. It had it in its jaws, just hanging and ran down the street. It was very sad.

Hunter's dad, Joe hall, has been seeing one in the fields near their home. They live close to Johnson Creek and the Spring Water Corridor.

They re just sitting out there in the middle of the field watching geese, Hall said. They re getting pushed out of their habitat.

The coyotes almost seem fearless around people, and that's got Joe Hall and his family worried.

KGW reporter Collette Wieland contributed to this report.

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