PORTLAND- It's another sign our economy continues to improve. More companies are handing out bigger year end bonuses this year.

It's that pat on the back for a job well done that can mean so much for moral.

And a little extra in the paycheck can go a long way to help celebrate the season.

At Milo's City Cafe on Northeast Broadway the crew got a surprise in their holiday paycheck on Thursday. Everyone is getting a bonus.

For the past 13 years through good times and bad, the owners always make sure the employees are taken care of.

Even if there's not a lot of money I just really want to give back to the people who help us be the restaurant that we are, said Marianne Meskelskogland, co-owner, Milo's City Cafe.

A new survey out by outplacement company, Challenger, Gray & Christmas suggest 72% of companies polled will offer some type of year-end bonus. That's up from 53% in 2011.

Bonuses is one way of sharing and acknowledging a job well done but also not committing to the future. And that's really consistant with the uncertainty that corporate leaders are feeling, said George Hosfield, Chief Investment Officer, Ferguson Wellman Capital Management.

The experts say bonuses don't have to be in the form of cash. An extra day off with pay or a gift card to a restaurant, can be just the thank-you employees need.

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