TILLAMOOK, Ore. -- The man who left a loaded gun in a Tillamook movie theater earlier this week has been charged with recklessly endangering another person. The charge was filed in court Thursday. Gary Quackenbush has also had his concealed weapon's permit revoked.

Quakenbush, 61, told police it was his gun and he realized it was missing Tuesday night after he left the theater.

He told KGWhe's sorry for what happened, it was all an accident. He said he was twisting and turning in his seat when he watched 'The Hobbit' Tuesday night and it apparently fell out of his holster.

A 7th grader on a field trip found the gun the next morning when he took his seat to watch the movie with his class. Levi Crabtree and his friend Kolton McKinney did not touch the gun. They alerted a chaperone immediately and the theater was evacuated.

On Thursday, Tillamook County Sheriff Andy Long confirmed that Quakenbush had a concealed handgun license for the weapon. But he said that license was now revoked.

As for the gun, it was seized by investigators as evidence. The District Attorney's office will decide if charges should be filed after reviewing the case.

Quakenbush said he had tried to call the theater when he realized the gun was missing, but got no answer. Then he drove there on Wednesday, hoping the gun had been placed in the theater's lost and found collection. But by that time, the gun was actually in the hands of police. Tillamook Police Chief Terry Wright said it was a small, semi-automatic weapon with a round in the chamber and the safety off.

Quakenbush owns the Idaville Grocery Store, in the Tillamook area. He said the store is currently closed, while he's trying to sell it.

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