ENUMCLAW, Wash. - A young woman was rescued at Crystal Mountain Tuesday after being buried by an avalanche.

Paul Baugher, the director of the ski patrol, said it happened just after 2 p.m. this afternoon.

We just had 40 inches of snow in a 30 hour period, said Baugher who added that the storm brought strong winds too.

Baugher received the alert that three people were caught in a small avalanche in the Northway portion of the ski area. Two men were able to dig themselves out, but a young woman was buried.

A rescue team and other skiers went to the area where the woman was last spotted, and they used long metal probes to find her. Baugher said she was buried under at least a couple feet of snow for 10 to 15 mintues. However, when the team brought her to the surface she was conscious and breathing.

She was fine, said Baugher.

She was checked out by doctors and had no medical problems.

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