RICHMOND, Texas -- A Houston-area man, his daughter and his son who used to live in McMinnville have been indicted over a credit union robbery by armed thieves in disguises.

Fort Bend County records show 50-year-old Ronald Catt, 20-year-old Hayden Catt and 18-year-old Abigail Catt were being held Friday on aggravated robbery charges. The men were jailed on bond of $140,000 apiece. The daughter's bond is $100,000.

Online jail records don't list attorneys for the Catts, who were arrested Nov. 9 and indicted Monday.

First Community Credit Union in the Katy area was robbed by two gunmen wearing orange traffic vests and sunglasses. One man had a fake mustache. The other wore a painter's mask.

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Abigail Catt allegedly drove the getaway vehicle.

Investigators are reviewing similar robberies in Texas and the Portland, Ore., area, where the Catts formerly lived.

According to the McMinnville News-Register, the Catts lived there from the 1990s until recently.

Ronald Catt applied for a marriage license in McMinnville in 1998, calling himself an engineer, the newspaper reported. He divorced in 2000 after his wife was convicted of domestic assault.

He also was cited in 2011 for driving with a suspended license. His two children were middle school honor students, according to the paper. Hayden Catt was a swim team star at McMinnville High.

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