PORTLAND -- Portland was ranked the best city for food carts and microbrew in a recent Travel + Leisure survey of America's best cities, but was near the bottom of the list for celebrating some key holidays.

The rankings were based on an online survey between June and September 2012, in which visitors and residents rated 35 U.S. cities in a wide variety of categories.

The Rose City was Number 32 for celebrating Valentine's Day and Christmas. It was also ranked 32nd for weather, above Baltimore and Seattle, with Anchorage placing last.

But Portland was Number 1 when it came to the 'friendly' categories: Environmental friendliness, pet friendliness, and public transportation and pedestrian friendliness.

This year's survey is less of a list and more of a series of infographics, and a new feature allows visitors to pit their favorite (or least favorite) places against each other in a City Face-Off.

Portland was 11th overall on the list; New Orleans was Number 1.

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