LONGVIEW, Wash. -- Vandals trashed a Longview church and set part of it on fire earlier this week.

The First Christian Church was vandalized sometime between Sunday night and Tuesday morning, police estimated.

Pastor Eric Atcheson told KGW the suspects set part of a sanctuary on fire and burned a few hymnals. They also carved profanity on a piano and clogged a toilet, leaving a trail of candy wrappers and other trash wherever they went.

They clogged up the toilet and the sink with this giant can of peanuts, then they used the peanuts themselves to set a fire in the bathroom, Atcheson said, which created a lot of scorched burn damage on the walls.

I'm just glad the fire didn't spread to the rest of the church, he added.

Longview police were investigating, but did not release any suspect information.

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