PORTLAND, Ore -- After days and days dedicated to shopping, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, now is a chance to help others in Giving back Tuesday. And on this day, a very young group is helping Hurricane Sandy victims in the most heartfelt of ways.

I think I need a little more purple, yelled a five-year-old from her desk. It's pretty, said another and she admired her work. These preschoolers know exactly what they're doing. I'm making a rainbow of cotton balls.

They know why they're making them. There was a snow storm and a rain storm. And they know how the recipients will feel. 'I think they will be happy.

These pieces of bright colored hope are going to kids still impacted by Hurricane Sandy living on the Jersey Shore. Bright Horizons has daycare centers all over the country and when news broke of the storm, each West Coast group adopted an impacted center.

Portland's was Wall, NJ. First they had a bake sale, raising $150. They used the money to buy a care package for the teachers and also spent time making handmade cards. A gesture that floored the Wall, NJ director.

Everyone in that community knows someone who lost everything. As we were reading all of the little notes that the classrooms made and they did individual pictures as well it literally brought tears to our eyes. It lifted our spirits, said Wall, NJ director Bonnie Landron.

The Portland teachers transcribed their students kind words, things like, I hope you don't feel those stormy feelings again. Now the New Jersey students are making handmade cards as way to say thanks.

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