PORTLAND -- Monday s deluge included more than 3 inches of rain over just a 24-hour period in Hillsboro and 2.13 inches at the Portland airport.

It wasn t enough to break longstanding records, but it still left many in awe as water flooded neighborhoods and streets.

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Hillsboro reported 3.42 inches and 2.08 inches fell in Salem in 24 hours. Lincoln City saw 3.55 inches of rain and Grand Ronde reported 6.10 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

The current record for Nov. 19 occurred in 1996 when the Portland International Airport saw 2.69 inches of rain.

I was super surprised we didn't break the record, said KGW meteorologist Nick Allard, I've never seen heavy rain last for that long like it did yesterday!

As for the highest-ever record for rainfall over a 24-hour period in Portland, back on Oct. 26-27, 1994, 4.44 inches fell at the airport, according to National Weather Service archives.

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While powerful Northwest storms are not uncommon even as early as November, they generally include either heavy winds or drenching rains - not both, according to Weather Service meteorologist Kirsten Elson.

Seattle also saw significant rainfall over a short span of time. Nearly 2 inches of rain fell in six hours Monday in one Seattle neighborhood - a total that Seattle Public Utilities meteorologist James Rufo-Hill called extraordinary.

It was a pretty big storm for most of the city - lots of rain in a relatively short amount of time, he said, but several neighborhoods really got drenched.

The Weather Service reported 24-hour Washington rainfall totals as of Monday evening that included 4.09 inches in Bremerton, west of Seattle; 2.97 inches at Hoquiam on the Washington coast; and 6 inches at Cushman Dam on the Olympic Peninsula.

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