BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Beaverton High School students encouraged their classmates -- and other students across the district -- to wear purple Tuesday in honor of a 14-year-old student who died over the weekend.

Maddie Lauer died after a year-long battle with thyroid cancer.

Just last month she was crowned Beaverton High's homecoming queen, as her classmates erupted in applause during a rally.

Her classmates continued to show their love and support by wearing purple, which was Maddie's favorite color. They also passed out purple ribbons in her honor.

One of her friends, Emma Egan, said she was amazed at the way the message of support spread through social media.

I just started tearing up, seeing how many people cared about her, Egan said.

Freshman Grayson Namdar echoed that sentiment, saying, It's really touching that people really feel this way for her and they want to show their respect.

Extra counselors were on campus Tuesday, offering support for students and staff.

Photos: Maddie Lauer honored at Beaverton High School

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