PORTLAND -- A Wells Fargo Bank was robbed at gunpoint in Southwest Portland Thursday afternoon.

Police swarmed the area, causing traffic jams on Highway 26 in the Vista Ridge Tunnel and around the Portland State University campus. The area was cleared just after 6 p.m. after Special Emergency Response Team officers surrounded a room at 1115 SW 11th Avenue.

Police took several people into custody for questioning then charged Steven Wayne Gentry who now faces federal bank robbery charges. Two other people who were detained were released.

The suspected was armed with a gun and demanded money from tellers when he entered the bank at 1900 SW5th Avenue. The bank was robbed just after 4 p.m. and then the suspect fled westbound through downtown Portland, police said.

Fahiym Acuay was behind the robber at the bank. He snatched the money and it's flying everywhere cause he went in the drawer and he's pulling money out, Acuay said. But he couldn't grab it all. He got two handfuls and he ran out.

Gentry was expected to appear in federal court Friday.

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