PORTLAND -- Tony Carpenter really doesn't consider himself a runner.

I usually look at running as an excuse to drink beer afterwards, said Carpenter.

However, since he trained for months to run more than 26 miles in the now canceled NYC marathon, Carpenter decided to race on the Tigard High School track instead.

I don't know if we're going to raise $1000 or more or less, but we're raising money for hurricane relief, said Carpenter.

New York City's mayor canceled the worlds biggest marathon just two days before the event.

In a city devastated by superstorm Sandy, holding a road race through 5 battered boroughs finally seemed like the wrong idea.

Am I disappointed? Absolutely, said Carpenter. However, I didn't lose my house.

That's why he put together what he calls the No York City Marathon.

Carpenter spent about five hours Sunday jogging 105 laps with several dozen friends.

It really, really hurts, especially when you're a bigger dude like me, said Carpenter.

Turns out, other runners saw Carpenter's idea on Facebook and they joined him by jogging on tracks all over the metro area on Sunday.

Man this hurts, said Carpenter as he jogged by.

Helping raise money for people in need, never hurt so good.

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