PORTLAND -- Heavy rain and wind tossed debris into some streets in the Portland Metro area Thursday morning, including at least two busy thoroughfares.

In Southeastportland, crews Thursday were removing a 75-year-old elm that had fallen.

Large tree branches fell onto Highway 99E, about two miles south of Oregon City, during the morning commute. They were blocking the northbound lanes and causing major traffic delays. Drivers were routed onto a detour around the mess.

Another area impacted by debris in the road was near Southeast Woodstock Boulevard and 32nd Avenue, near the Eastmoreland Golf Course. Large tree limbs on the roadway there also caused traffic delays.

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Arborists said since there's been no frost, many trees still have most of their leaves, making them heavier than during an average winter storm.

KGWReporterMarkHanrahan contributed to this report

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