PORTLAND A group of protesters remained at a Northeast Portland house Thursday to support the former owner of a foreclosed home who is being evicted because there is no water service.

Alicia Jackson lost her job and didn't pay her mortgage for at least eight months. She moved out in 2011 because she believed the house was in foreclosure, but now says the foreclosure was unjust.

In May, Jackson along with dozens of activists moved back into the home on NE Bryant.

At first, the home had no utilities. Now, the electricity is back on but there is no water and the water bureau won't turn it on.

The bureau said according to county records, Fox Capital owns the home and does not want the water on. It's not clear when an eviction would take place.

Fox Capital's attorney said he wasn't able to comment on the situation.

KGWreporter Kyle Iboshi contributed to this report

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