PORTLAND-- Kai Brown-Alexander hits the links several times a week, but never has it been as memorable as his outing at RedTail golf course.

I came back, told everybody, said Kai. It was just really exciting.

The 11-year-old was playing an average round when he stepped up to the par three number six. He was joined by his mother Tami Brown.

He wanted to go off the men's tees, she said. Iusually say, 'honey you're making it hard on yourself.'

Kai refused to leave the tee box. He pulled out his favorite club, teed it up, and let it rip.

It kind of hooks, draws, and it lands on the green and goes right in the cup, said Kai.

From 141 yards away from the hole, Kai sank it in one shot.

I'm thinking oh my gosh Idon't believe it, he said.

According to the pro at RedTail, a hole in one is accomplished about once every 9000 rounds and never by a golfer as young as Kai.

Something like that can make him a golfer for life which is awesome and that's what we want, said Wes Gribas.

Kai would love to be a professional golfer when he grows up. If so, he will never forget his round at Red Tail.

One of those moment's I'll never forget, said Kai.

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