There is a dog fight brewing in an industrial neighborhood in Washougal, Washington.

A company located behind an animal shelter put up a horn to try to discourage the dogs from barking. But, the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society said it's their neighbor making all the noise.

Pet owners may be familiar with the horns because there are similar home versions. Any time a dog barks, a high pitched siren sounds. It's designed to train dogs not to bark. But, this one isn't near a home. It's near the shelter in an industrial neighborhood. Shelter staff said they've heard enough.

The West Columbia Gorge Humane Society has been located at 2675 Index Street in Washougal for eighteen years. It's a no kill shelter. There are about a half dozen dogs inside and the place is run on donation dollars mostly by volunteers.

When you listen tovideo taken in the back of the shelter on one of the volunteers' cell phones, you can hear the horn sounding and the very high pitched noise it makes.

Literally, for a half hour strait that horn was going off, said Mark Fruechtel, a shelterboard member and a volunteer with the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.

The shelter says their neighbor, Northwest Underwater Construction set up the horn on the other side of the fence because they were fed up with the barking dogs.

Every time the dogs barked or a truck went by it was going off. Constantly, said Fruechtel.

He said Northwest Underwater Construction moved in about five months ago.

Back then, Fruechtel said they went over, introduced themselves and talked with company managers. They seemed like really nice people. We thought we had a working relationship started, but it just seems like we keep getting things like this going on all the time and we just don't quite understand how to deal with it, said Fruechtel.

He said the horn was put in about mid September and said a few days later it started going off on an audible setting.

KGW tried to talk to Northwest Underwater Construction about the horn which has since been moved to the ground pointed at the fence.

A man inside said they had no comment. He said they have been working with police.

That's true. The shelter has filed two complaints about the horn's noise with the Washougal Police Department.

The Chief of Police had asked us to contact them if there was another issue and so that's what we did, said the shelter's executive director, Tamara Scharfenkamp.

Fruechtel said what it boils down to is one thing: If you move next to a dog shelter, I think you should expect dogs to bark.

Fruechtel added that they hired a professional to do a sound measurement study and the study showed the barking levels are lower than the large trucks going by.

Police Chief Ron Mitchell told KGW he hopes all of it will be resolved sometime next week.

He said if the horn were to be found to be disturbing the peace, or in violation of the city code, it could be a $250 fine for the company.

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