PORTLAND -- An entire apartment complex is getting built in Southeast Portland in just three days.

The modular apartment complex was built at a factory off-site, trucked to Portland and then on Tuesday, huge cranes began putting it back together in its permanent home.

The project was scheduled to be complete by day s end Wednesday. It's called Kah San Chako Haws, which means east house in the Chinook language.

The Native American Youth and Family Association, or NAYA, backed the project as an effort to provide affordable housing for more Native Americans in the Portland area.

This project will take about two-thirds of the time of a normal housing project and this is just a prototype. Future projects we d like to see down to 50 percent, explained architect Stuart Emmons.

The $1.7 million apartment complex will offer nine individuals and families a modern and energy efficient place to live.

Organizers said in just over a month, the complex will be fully occupied.

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