VANCOUVER - A Vancouver couple is spelling success with a new board game called Bulls-eye. It has already sold more than 800 copies and the website Daily Writing Tips calls it one of the 15 best word games.

I woke up at 3 in the morning and suddenly I had this game in my head. Make a word, hit the target it kept playing in my head, said Bulls-eye creator Nilda Loriz.

She admits her husband first told her she was nuts, but after he heard more about the concept Doug Loriz was convinced.

This was an idea I hadn t seen before. You don t actually try to make the best or highest scoring word. You re trying to make a word that will take you somewhere, explained Doug.

Players create words with seven cards in one minute trying to achieve a point total that will allow you to move your dart shaped game piece to a target. Once reaching a target you draw a card which can have a reward or consequence.

I wanted a word game where everyone had a chance to compete and win the game, remarked Nilda.

Their daughter started playing when she was just 5. It took three years and $40,000 to bring Bulls-eye full circle.

There are so many horror stories on the Internet of people thinking they have a great game, so they order 500 copies and then can t park in the garage for five years, said Doug.

With 850 games sold, Doug does have room to park in his garage. The game is available in more than 60 specialty stores in 16 states.

Even in my wildest dreams I didn t think we d be able to do this and now it s like I m living the dream, concluded Nilda as she shuffled the cards for another game of Bulls-eye.

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