PORTLAND - If approved by voters in November, a casino would be the first in Oregon outside reservation lands. It would be built at the old dog racing track in the city of Wood Village.

Supporters began running ads weeks ago touting the many benefits, including tax money for schools.

Millions in new revenue for our school every year. The Grange, an announcer says on the ad.

Now the other side is on the air with an ad painting a dark picture of the company behind the casino, based on headlines involving other casinos it runs.

Their New York casino deal was called rigged and corrupt, says the announcer in the opponent s ad.

But hold on, say supporters. Yes the deal was described as corrupt but it was the politicians, not the company, at fault.

But the Canadian backers, one of the applicants who are part of this proposal was not accused of any wrongdoing whatsoever in that report or in that process, said supporters' spokesman Rick Metsger.

Opponents are not backing off.

We don t understand Clairvest's objection to these statements, said Steve Berman a lawyer for opponents. These actually came from newspaper articles that are specifically provided. The sources are provided in the ad. Viewers can go and look up those sources.

There's also a suggestion a different Clairvest-owned casino attracts crime.

And their new Illinois casino caused 1,400 police calls last year, the ad announcer said.

But backers presented two letters, one each from the police chief and mayor of that city in Illinois, saying the ad is misleading and the casino safe.

It s a real mischaracterization of the truth. It preys on people s fears that are not based on the facts, said Metsger, the spokesman for developers.

Still, opponents are standing firm.

The ad is accurate because it s actually based on true facts, said Berman the lawyer for opponents.

Watch the advertisements:

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