PORTLAND - The latest in mammogram technology has arrived in Portland and should help women get a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

3D mammography machines are being put in place this week at Legacy Good Samaritan Breast Health Center.

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs in over 40 years when it comes to breast imaging, explained Dr. Jenn Garreau.

The machine gives the radiologist 15 images of a woman s breast which will be used in conjunction with traditional 2D images in making a diagnosis.

Perhaps as many as half of the callbacks may no longer be necessary and we ll be able to detect cancers that were being hidden by overlying tissues, said Radiologist Dr. Sam Gruber.

Currently, about 10 per cent of patients getting 2D mammograms receive a call from a nurse asking that they come in for more testing. Nurse Sally Bryn works at the Breast Health Center and makes those calls five to eight times each day.

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It s a tough call to make. They fear they have breast cancer. It would be nice to make fewer calls, she added.

For the patient, the 3D mammogram will look and feel the same as a 2D mammogram. It takes only 12 seconds for the machine to scan the breast and produce the computer images.

The beauty of this is that doctors will see all around and through the breast and we know early detection is key in saving lives, said Toni Mountain who supports patients at the Komen Foundation office in Portland.

The 3D breast imaging will be the standard for patients at Legacy Good Samaritan beginning October 1st.

It is currently available at Providence Milwaukie Medical Center. Providence Portland and Providence St. Vincent are making plans to add it.

OHSU expects to have the 3D mammography machines in place by the end of the year.

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