PORTLAND -- A Multnomah County grand jury issued a new indictment for a homeless man now accused of two murders.

Mark Beebout, 40, now faces nearly two dozen counts that include multiple charges of murder and sexual assault.

The new charges come after police linked him to the murder of an unidentified woman in Washington Park. Her body was discovered in June. Police have not been able to identify the woman but have released a sketch of her (pictured, below).

Beebout appeared in court Tuesday to be indicted again and entered a not guilty plea.

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Investigators used DNA to link Beebout to the victim. The convicted sex offender had already been indicted for the murder and sexual assault of 32-year-old Nikayla Powell. Her body was found in her Portland apartment in July.

Powell was a volunteer who helped the homeless and had allowed Beebout to move into her apartment.

Beebout is scheduled to return to court next month. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

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