VANCOUVER - The Clark County Sheriff s Office issued a public notice on Thursday about a high-risk sex offender who registered as homeless in the area.

In 1998, Keith Nash assaulted and raped a 12-year-old girl, according to the release. Now 37, Nash has been released from prison and is classified as a Level 3 sex offender -- a group considered most likely to commit new crimes, deputies said.

Nash is not currently wanted by Police, but authorities said his status will make him difficult to track. He s not on probation and he s homeless.

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If they re off probation, then we have no way of tracking them, Said, Sgt. Shane Gardner of the Clark County Sheriff s Office. If they re on probation, we can put a GPS tracker (on them), or Probation or Department of Corrections can put a GPS tracker on them.

Registered sex offenders who are not on probation are required to check-in with authorities once a week, but are generally not otherwise monitored closely, according to deputies.

There are currently about 1,250 registered sex offenders in Clark County. Roughly 50 are considered to be transients. And, of those about 5 are listed as level 3 offenders, According to Sgt. Gardner.

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