SALEM -- A new state website has been set up to help small business owners understand how to wade through all the regulations and red tape.

Forbes magazine ranks Oregon ninth in the nation when it comes to business friendliness.

Secretary of State Kate Brown hopes to move Oregon higher on that list. Brown spearheads the new one-stop go-to website Business Xpress.

A team studied best practices of other states, but wanted to make the site even easier to use, whether for someone just getting into business or companies that have been around for years.

[We wanted to] Enable business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers and the clients to access the tools and the resources they need to be successful. To grow and thrive in Oregon, explained Brown.

The site also provides links to the state's other agencies. It's all geared toward sharing information in an easy-to-understand form.

It took $250,000 to bring the site on-line. Over time it will also connect to other regions of the state, including Portland.

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