PORTLAND Monday marks the two-year anniversary of young Kyron Horman s disappearance.

He was last seen when he was 7-years old, at Portland s Skyline School on June 4th 2010.

His father, Kaine, visited The Wall of Hope Monday, a makeshift memorial for Kyron. Kaine said he believes his son is still alive and work still continues to bring him home.

I still believe that he is out there. I don't know if he is in the area or not, but I do believe someone else is involved in helping to conceal where he is at, Kaine said.

Kyron s disappearance sparked the largest search effort in Oregon history but still, no trace has been found.

Kaine said he s done his best to keep people thinking about his son. He also visits The Wall of Hope every day, keeping his son s memory alive.

He still is out there. We're keeping pace with him as best we can, Kaine said. The investigation is still ongoing... doing a great job with being aggressive with different things and ideas to get this thing closed out.

Other people also visit The Wall of Hope frequently. One woman who volunteers at events for Kyron told KGW she never thought he d be missing this long.

Kaine believes his estranged wife Terri could help police solve the case by cooperating with investigators. He supported a civil lawsuit that his ex-wife filed against Terri last week. Desiree Young, who is Kyron s mom, said she filed the lawsuit as part of her effort to bring the case back into the forefront.

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