PORTLAND -- June is wedding month and the U.S. Post Office knows this. That's why they have specific rules in place to make sure wedding invitations have the correct postage on them.

A.J.Burmeister said the rules didn't help all his wedding invitations make it to their final destinations without several guests having to fork over more money to receive the invitation.

We would have happily paid the postage, the postage wasn't the problem, the problem is now you're embarrassing us sending this out, Burmeister said. People look at this [invitation] and like, wow... they've got postage due on their invitations. But we checked it, I swear.

KGW checked out his story and found that he was right. The weight of the invitations was 1.80 ounces which is under the 2 ounce limit. So the postage should be 65 cents.

U.S. Post Office Spokesperson Ron Anderson was quick to admit they had goofed. While many of the invitations did make it to their final destinations just fine, several required at least 20 cents more to arrive.

Anderson said, That's why I'm so sorry and apologetic to these folks. That should have never happened and for that I have to apologize.

The Burmeisters were mad but accepted the Post Office's apology. They said they'll still be handing out dimes at the reception to those that had to pay extra to receive their invitations.

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