WILSONVILLE, Ore. -- For so long outsourcing was 'in' with American companies making products overseas. Now for some, outsourcing is 'out' and insourcing is 'in'.

Trellis Earth, a Wilsonville company, is bringing production and most importantly, jobs back home.

What was 'Made in China', will soon be 'Made in the U.S.A'.

Trellis Earth makes sustainable green pet pick-up products along with cutlery, cups, plates, bowls and food trays. They are an alternative to styrofoam. The material is made from corn starch and bio resins. It's recyclable and bio-degradable.

For six years Trellis Earth has used a factory in China to make its products. That's about to change.

The company is now looking at sites in the Portland Metro area where it will manufacture the raw material and its products.

When we start explaining the business model, we found that by actually bringing that business back to the U.S. for manufacturing and vertically integrating in the U.S. we could be very competitive, said Craig Mittelstaedt, COO of Trellis Earth.

Fred Meyer, Costco and Trader Joe's use Trellis Earth products in their deli departments.

The company is also working on a new product, a biodegradable food tray, that will be used in school systems throughout the U.S.

To start, 75% of production will move here. In the next several years, all of Trellis Earth's manufacturing will move to the United States.

A second plant was planned for the Midwest in 2013.

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